Tuesday, 31 May 2011

TML and PokerStars Go All In

It was announced today that the Toronto Maple Leafs and PokerStars.net have renewed their sponsorship agreement. This agreement will allow PokerStars.net to have prime advertising locations on the rinkboards during every period of every Leafs home game this season.

This sponsorship works perfectly for PokerStars.net as the two sports are seemingly very popular within both of their target markets. Men ranging from the ages of 19-50 usually love hockey and poker, rough sports and gambling. 

PokerStars.net is the world's largest online poker school, with over 46 million members. It's the premier destination for the world's top players, with numerous tournaments running every day. PokerStars.net is renowned for offering the best software and security in the online poker world.

In order for a marketing plan to be successful the advertising much reach the target market and PokerStars.net is continuing with this advertising trend because it works. The Toronto Maple Leafs make extreme amounts of profit from these rinkside ads as one period of the game for prime location is approximately $50,000.00. With that expensive price any company who is willing to pay that must reassure if the ad will reach their market. However I'm sure MLSE doesn't mind at all who wants some prime rinkside location... as long as the cheques don't bounce. 

Daniel Negreanu, a poker superstar that is endorsed by PokerStar.net, showing his love for Canada's team.

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