Wednesday, 20 April 2011

TML's Social Media Marketing

Social media is rapidly becoming the largest promotional tool for anything in our world today. From Twitter to Facebook, hundreds of millions of people are logging on daily and connecting with others around the world.

Many businesses around the world have started using the benefits of social media to help push their product to their target market. Naturally professional sports teams, such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, have jumped on this social media marketing binge in order to attract more consumers.

Since the Toronto Maple Leafs target market has developed into such a broad demographic, the use of social media helps to promote their product to almost all age groups. Social media seemingly covers the age groups of 14-50. While they're still tons of consumers outside of that age category, a massive chunk of fans are being distributed this new effective marketing plan.

Like all other professional sports teams the Leafs have created Twitter and Facebook pages but they have maximized the usefulness of social media with their Leafspace. A social media hub that allows users to incorporate their own videos and connect to other users blogs and photos. This creation has created a marketing tool that allows consumers to feel incorporated within the teams activities; features such as message boards allow users to voice their opinions about trending topics.

As social media continues to evolve in our globally connected society, professional sports teams that have focused on providing fans with a social hub that allows fan-team connectivity will thrive off of the full benefits of this new marketing tool.

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